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my life is so boring rn. there’s nothing interesting happening, and it’s my senior year. i literally have nothing to look forward to besides choir and tennis (which i love ever so dearly) but i mean like the social aspect of school is quite dull. the friends i’ve made here (not to say that there’s anything wrong with them) i’ve gotten used to, so it’s not exciting anymore. i don’t know where this is going but i figured i’d just vent out my feelings. it’s only been two weeks of school, but if this is how the rest of the year is going to be, then i guess this last year to the rest of my life will be one i will not mind forgetting. it’s sad, i know, but unless something major happens, i don’t see any enjoyment in actually attending. 

23 August 2013

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i love friends so much. it’s so freaking amazing and flawless in every way. i’ve watched seasons 1 - 7 in three weeks, and i’m on season 8 rn and i have never loved any show so much before. idk what i’m supposed to do when i finish it. :c

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LAST WEEK. It’s finals week though. :c

sorz for the mega lack of activity, really busy with school. 

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so, i took off anon, not because of that rude person, but because if i am going to receive anything in my ask, hurtful or not, i want that person to have the courage to allow me the simple knowledge of who they are. 

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i love H&M c: 

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i want to go to a therapist. not because i’m depressed - well maybe just a little, but who isn’t really - but because i just want someone new and interesting to talk to. someone who gets inside your mind and notices all the kinks that need readjusting. someone that makes you reevaluate a simple life decision that you ever so carelessly overlooked. someone who will make you feel better about yourself on the inside, not be showered with compliments or friendly reassurance, but someone that will talk to you in such a way that you will question yourself as a person and learn to fix all or most things that had ever bothered you about yourself. someone that makes you a better you, but solely because you yourself had recreated your inside emotions and actions that helped you reinforce who you really are, and that’s what i want to go to therapy for. 

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so, i got bored so i decided to create a shopping list for the clothes i want. it added up to $333… 


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if you don’t already know, cole sprouse (aka coltureconcept), has created quite the stirring on many people’s dash. many people are upset that he was on tumblr for quite some time, and then he suddenly just deleted his blog without any warning. there’s no reason to be angry, upset at most. he only joined tumblr for a sociology project, hence “coltureconcept (CULTUREconcept).” yeah, it was nice having a “celebrity” around on tumblr to talk to, but many tumblrians abused his presence by sending hate etc. if i was him, i would have left a long time ago and never looked back. i thought everyone was supposed to be nice to each other on here, but i guess not… anyway, people should stop ranting about his leave of absence because everyone has a tumblr for their own personal reasons, and his was just temporary, so stop hating and continue on with your lives. 

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nothing i will ever do, will be as great as it was to me, as it is to you

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jumbled mess

it’s funny. one moment you’re as high as the moon. the next you’re as low as the bottomless pits rejecting everything except the feeling of sadness. it’s not even that kind of sadness where you feel it for a moment and get over it in a few hours. it’s that sadness that dwells in your heart that you can still feel to this day even though the moment has passed and is now a distant memory. the kind of sadness where you feel your mind become an absolute blank, but you are powerless in its demise. how you choose to handle this immense feeling lies in your hands. you have been bestowed this terrifying emotion, but sometimes you have not the slightest clue as to how to deal with it. should you forget and move on? should you remember and cling on to this memory as if it was the bridge between corrupt insanity and a mystifying sane head? or should you build upon it and create the reaction for yourself: an everlasting term of endearment? i for one, am as clueless as one will ever be because what actually hurts more: knowing or unknowing? and that lies for you to work upon. 

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